Ontogenesis: Sighted Children Of Blind Parents

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Infants of blind parents learn to communicate in different ways with their parents and other sighted adults – a skill that enhances their development, a new study shows. The study children began using their voices to communicate with their parents more quickly than average, while with other sighted adults they used the usual visual communication techniques like eye-contact and pointing just as effectively as children with sighted parents.

Our Chomsky Who Art In Boston

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it’s like shooting fish in a barrel

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learning english can be fun!

Facial Expressions Develop Before Birth

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Babies in the womb develop a range of facial movements in which one can identify facial expressions such as laughter and crying, researchers say.

baby’s ontogenetic trajectory recorded

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here’s a TED talk about the recording of deb roy’s baby’s first 90,000 hours of interacting with parents and family. a true multimodal analysis of patterns of interaction qua language development.

… at least they label his activities (he’s from MIT) as “designing machines that learn to communicate in human like ways”

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