Functions of Language 21/3 (2014)

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Journal Title:  Functions of Language
Volume Number:  21
Issue Number:  3
Issue Date:  2014

Book reviews

Clare Painter, James R. Martin and Len Unsworth. Reading Visual Narratives.
Image Analysis of Children’s Picture Books
Reviewed by Eva Maagerø
333 – 341

Monika Bednarek & Helen Caple. News Discourse
Reviewed by Peipei Jia and Jingyuan Zhang
342 – 349

Bowcher, Wendy L. (ed.). Multimodal Texts from Around the World. Cultural and
Linguistic Insights
Reviewed by Anthony Baldry
374 – 379

Punctum: Semiotics of the Web

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Journal Title: Punctum

Call Deadline: 15-Jan-2015

Semiotics of the Web

Special issue of Punctum

The inaugural special issue on the ‘Semiotics of the Web’ is intended to
connect the launch of the international semiotics journal Punctum with the
most epoch-making and challenging recent development in the space of semiosis.
In the past two decades the growth of the Web has vastly expanded the
boundaries and complexity of the semiosphere, fostering, at the same time, its
radical restructuring. Amongst the wealth of cross-disciplinary and
interdisciplinary responses these developments have provoked semiotics has
been largely absent. Although regularly employed in more instrumentally
oriented tasks, like webpage design and e-marketing, semiotic theory and
research had failed to address the manifold issues raised by this whole new
continent of signs and meaning-making processes in any sustained and
systematic fashion.

Underscoring the need to recast the priorities of current semiotic research,
the special issue on the ‘Semiotics of the Web’ aspires to contribute to the
advancement of the semiotic study of communication processes and practices on
the Web by inviting papers which engage in the analytical and critical
investigation of the diverse Web environments, cultures and applications
focusing on topics such as: graphic user interfaces, website design, digital
symbol and sign systems, codes and textualities, digital literacies,
epistemologies and ontologies, social networks, multiplayer games, online
communication, identities and interaction.

Prospective authors should submit an abstract of approximately 300 words by
mail to Gregory Paschalidis (, including affiliation and
contact information. Acceptance of the abstract does not guarantee
publication, given that all full research articles go through the journal’s
peer review process.

Deadline for abstracts: January 15, 2015
Notification of acceptance of the abstract: January 30, 2015
Deadline for submission of full articles: April 30, 2015
Final revised articles due: June 30, 2015
Publication: Volume 1, Number 1 (July 2015)

Functions of Language Vol. 21, No. 2 (2014)

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Publisher:      John Benjamins

Journal Title:  Functions of Language
Volume Number:  21
Issue Number:  2
Issue Date:  2014

Main Text:

2014. iii, 127 pp.

Table of Contents


Extending the description of process type within the system of transitivity in delicacy based on Levinian verb classes
Christian M.I.M. Matthiessen
139 – 175

Issues in developing unified systems for contextual Field and Mode
Wendy L. Bowcher
176 – 209

That’s absolutely crap, totally rubbish : The use of the intensifiers absolutely and totally in the spoken language of British adults and teenagers
Paloma Núñez Pertejo and Ignacio M. Palacios Martínez
210 – 237

Book reviews

Hansen-Schirra Silvia, Stella Neumann and Erich Steiner (eds.) Cross-Linguistic Corpora for the Study of Translations: Insights from the Language Pair English-German
Reviewed by Bergljot Behrens
239 – 247

Michaela Mahlberg. Corpus Stylistics and Dickens’s Fiction.
Reviewed by Jane Demmen
248 – 258

Elizabeth A. Thomson & William S. Armour (eds.) Systemic Functional Perspectives of Japanese: Descriptions and Applications.
Reviewed by Wendy L. Bowcher
259 – 265

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