Inter-stratal tension was first designed to discuss and even argue about what some might consider the finer points of Systemic Functional Linguistic theory and its applications. It was set up by iconoclasts intensely fascinated by the way language interacts with knowledge, perception, science, learning, communication in general, and our place(s) in the world – and the means by which SFL so far provides us with the best tools for describing “all this”.

..It intended to present regular essays on observations regarding the topics that interest and engage such people, as well as opening up the floor for dissenting comments and critical enquiry. It acknowledged (and still does) that the architexture of language is so complex that slippage is to be expected and that tensions will operate. We want to examine and dissect them – as politely as we possibly can in the circumstances.
To that end, we at interstratal-tension also encourage submissions on any aspect of life on this planet, as long as it is written in a language someone can understand and argue in. Please contact the admin team with your submission – try to keep it under 1,000 words.

Comments are extremely welcome but also moderated – you need to be subscribed and logged in to comment without moderation. If you’d like to join send eldon or ccleirigh an email and you’ll be given author status.

There are a couple of other pages on the site which you can see along the top menu bar. These include the “Friday seminar schedule” page, which archives the seminar abstracts and links to PDFs of some of the presentations given during the years 2010 – 2013,  and access to the Blog (“All Posts“) where you are invited to add your comments or register and post, as well as a page where we make available a collection of pdf-ised powerpoint presentations (“Presentation Collection“).

The blog posts can also be accessed via the sidebar by clicking on the titles of any of the most recent posts.The site also provides links to other sites of interest to SFLers, as well as notices on upcoming events and so on… again, contact the admin team if you have something you think needs adding to the site.

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