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Mu­sicians have an en­hanced abil­ity to in­te­grate in­forma­t­ion from hear­ing, tou­ch, and sight

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Thor­ough mu­si­cal train­ing af­fects the struc­ture and func­tion of dif­fer­ent brain re­gions more pro­found­ly than pre­vi­ously thought.  See here!

Everything Old Is New Again

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Fifth International Conference on Language, Culture and Mind

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First Notification
Fifth International Conference on Language, Culture and Mind

The Fifth International Conference on Language, Culture and Mind (LCM V) will be held on 27-29 June 2012 at the Catholic University of Portugal in Lisbon. It will be preceded by a Young Researchers Workshop on 26 June 2012 (same venue), in which young researchers will present their ongoing dissertation projects and current work.

The goals of LCM conferences are to contribute to situating the study of language in a contemporary interdisciplinary dialogue (involving philosophy, linguistics, psychology, anthropology, semiotics and other related fields), and to promote a better integration of cognitive and cultural perspectives in empirical and theoretical studies of language.

The theme for LCM V is

Integrating Semiotic Resources in Communication and Creativity

Plenary speakers:

· Nick Enfield, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen
· Cynthia Lightfoot, Department of Human Development and Family Studies, Pennsylvania State University
· Dan Slobin, Departments of Psychology and Linguistics, University of California, Berkeley
· Beata Stawarska, Department of Philosophy, University of Oregon
· Sherman Wilcox, Department of Linguistics, University of New Mexico

The deadline for abstract submission will be Dec 15, 2011.

Detailed instructions for abstract submission and online registration for both LCM V and the LCM V Young Researchers Workshop will be included in the First Call for Papers that will be issued shortly.

Important dates

· Deadline for abstract submission: 15 Dec 2011
· Notification of acceptance: 15 Feb 2012
· Last date for early registration: 1 Mar 2012
· Last date for registration: 1 May 2012
· Final program publication: 15 May 2012

The International LCM organizing committee

· Alan Cienki, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Language and Communication
· Barbara Fultner, Denison University, Philosophy
· John Lucy, University of Chicago, Comparative Human Development and Psychology
· Aliyah Morgenstern, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris 3, Linguistics
· Anneli Pajunen, University of Tampere, Finnish Language
· Esther Pascual, University of Groningen, Communication Studies
· Victor Rosenthal, Inserm-EHESS, Paris
· Chris Sinha, University of Portsmouth, Psychology
· Jordan Zlatev, Lund University, Linguistics/Cognitive Semiotics

LCM V Local organizing committee

· Ana Margarida Abrantes, Catholic University of Portugal, Centre for the Study of Communication and Culture
· Peter Hanenberg, Catholic University of Portugal, Centre for the Study of Communication and Culture

no grammar today

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having travelled across australia a third of the way and back just recently, i can confidently assert that there is no grammar today. there is a lot of weather about, and, in rural areas coffee is available but weak and not so milky or firm frothy for the cappuccino-afficionados out there. in addition, one has to invariably state that one would like one’s coffee to be served in a cup, not a mug.
as for grammar, we saw none on the way, and had to make do with random gurgles and unrelated-to-each-other signs or icons.

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